LimTek Solutions


1​ Linear Lumber Pickline Technology  - by Enventek

  • Organize your lumber in your yard and eliminate excessive forklift travel and maintenance.  True in-line production for a truss plant can only be achieved by building truss-by-truss.  The Linear Pickline allows you to pick your lumber by truss for any type of saw - component saws, linear saws and pullsaws

2 ​Automatically fed five (5) blade component saw - SmartConveyor Technology - by Enventek

  • Perfect lumber in perfect order lined up for sawing.  Lumber is culled and crowned in the same orientation for perfect sawing.  No more downtime at the tables because of poor quality lumber.


3 ​Retro C - Automated five (5) blade component saw - by Enventek

  • A fully automatic component saw that will cut "truss-by-truss" and out produce a linear saw by a mile.

4 ​Automatic lumber catching and sorting - SpeedCatch - by Enventek

  • Imagine cut pieces spilling out the back of a component saw at the rate of 80 pieces a minute.Imagine 80 pieces a minute untouched by a human and lumber sorted and organized for the left side and right side of the truss.

5 Inline lumber sorting and dispatch of lumber to left and right of tables - Cartster - by Enventek

  • CartSter cart technology integrated with SpeedCatch and PlantOne Projection eliminates human intervention between the lumber picked from the yard until the lumber is pulled from the carts onto the tables.

Green Laser Truss Templating - by SL-Laser

6 Integrated inline truss projection at the table - PlantOne Projection by Enventek

  • PlantOne Projection is not your plate suppliers "PDF".  It is a powerful computer aided manufacturing aid for truss building.

Truss Machinery - by Square 1 Design/Klaisler Machinery 

Process Organization by LimTek Solutions Inc.

Process Management by YOU AND YOUR TEAM