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Process organization - Means total plant

LimTek Solutions Inc. has worked with many truss plants with the goal to save time and money and to knowingly increase margins in the competitive truss industry.  The secret is to be more organized than your competition.  Process organizing means organizing your total plant from picking lumber to loading finished trusses for delivery.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each client with care and consideration.  Every truss plant is different and every truss plant has a unique team to organize.  We’ve hand-picked a framework of high-quality productive truss manufacturing technologies needed to solve your bottlenecks and sore points.  No issue is too big or too small.  LimTek has solutions for you.

LimTek Solutions - powered by Enventek Process Organization Technology, SL-Laser Truss Templating and Square 1 Design Klaisler Machinery


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