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Process organization

5 of 6 - Inline dispatch of lumber to the left and right of the truss

CartSter cart technology integrated with SpeedCatch and PlantOne Projection eliminates human intervention between the lumber picked from the yard until the lumber is pulled from the carts onto the tables.

Cartster is an excellent solution to your lumber transport needs.  Cartster carts can maneuver in tight locations allowing wood to be transported where forklifts can not.  Cartsters are easy to load from a conveyor without requiring stacking or banding.

Cartster carts contain two bays per cart allowing items such as top chords and bottom chords to be placed in the same cart for transport.  A foot brake holds the cart stationary allowing easy removal of lumber after transport.


  • Foot brake will hold cart in position for loading and unloading
  • Wood can easily be dumped into carts from a conveyor or saw
  • Carts will hook together for easy transport in pairs to the assembly table
  • Two bays per cart will allow two distinct board types to be place in the same cart


  • Width: 28"
  • Height: 38”
  • Length: 5’
  • Bay width: 11”
  • 30-35 2x4's per bay

The Power of Cartster - 2x12 Lumber Untouched by a Human only until the lumber is ready to be placed on the truss assembly table.  Please have a look at the 2x12 slideshow:.