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SpeedCatch is a state of the art module for our Retro C component saw.  It provides automatic loading and sorting of lumber into our Cartster lumber carts. This eliminates the need for a catcher behind our Retro C saw while providing the speed that the saw requires to get performance. SpeedCatch has four slots that the lumber is automatically arranged and loaded in to provide lumber in an efficient location when it reaches the line.


  • Automatic loading
  • Automatic sorting
  • Automatically ejects cart
  • Efficient loading scheme
  • No more catcher behind saw

How it works

  • The SpeedCatch sorts lumber into four slots that organize lumber for the tables. It eliminates the need for reordering lumber at the tables or behind the saw.  The Retro C will sort the lumber and choose which slots are best for the table with the help of PlantOne Server.   At LimTek we believe that organization is a vital key to success in the truss industry.

SpeedCatch VIDEOS:

Process organization

4 of 6 - SpeedCatch Automatic Lumber tailing, catching and marking system

Imagine cut pieces spilling out the back of a component saw at the rate of 80 pieces a minute.

Imagine 80 pieces a minute untouched by a human and lumber sorted and organized for the left side and right side of the truss.  SpeedCatch by Enventek