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VIDEO:  Feed the Beast!  This is what a sawing rate of 664 pieces per hour looks like even under "Training Wheels Protocol".
The Amazing Auto Feeding Retro C by Enventek.

VIDEO:  Training Wheels Protocol.  Even under "training wheels protocol" the Enventek Retro C cuts a lot of lumber and really pushes the truss builders to build faster.

VIDEO:  Overview of the Retro C Auto Feed and Auto Catch Component Saw

VIDEO:  Retro C High Speed Manual Lumber Stacking

Process organization

3 of 6 - Retro C the only automatically fed component saw

A fully automatic component saw that will cut "truss-by-truss" and out produce a linear saw by a mile.  Enventek's flagship Retro C is the most cost effective and most productive component saw in the truss industry. Enventek Motion Control technology is behind the complete re-design and re-building of any Mitek series component saw.