VIDEO:  Retro C dispatching an average of 4 pcs per setup produces 3600 pieces in 7 hours

VIDEO:  Retro C dispatching an average of 2 pcs per setup produces 1680 pieces in 7 hours

VIDEO:  Retro C Standalone Autofeed from a 12ft SmartConveyor

Process organization

3 of 6 - Retro C the only automatically fed component saw

A fully automatic component saw that will cut "truss-by-truss" and out produce a linear saw by a mile.  Enventek's flagship Retro C is the most cost effective and most productive component saw in the truss industry. Enventek Motion Control technology is behind the complete re-design and re-building of any Mitek series component saw.

LimTek Solutions

VIDEO:  Retro C in semi-automatic mode dispatching 22 pcs per setup produces 8000 pcs in 7 hours - Note video includes a lumber in-feed jam and jam recovery