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A Process Well Organized could produce a thousand pieces an hour.  In a seven hour shift that could be 7,000 pieces.​  Even at 75% efficiency that would still be 5,250 pieces.

Please call 416-888-4457 or visit us at BCMC Columbus and let's discuss how we can help solve most of your production bottlenecks and reach for 1,000 pieces an hour:

  • Process Organization by LimTek Solutions
  • Organization Technology by Enventek and SL-Laser
  • Process Management by You and Your Team.​

PlantOne Projection - is not your plate suppliers PDF.

PlantOne Projection is powerful computer aided manufacturing for truss building

SpeedCatch - automatic lumber sorting and catching for left side and right side of truss and cut-by-truss

Eliminates marking and handling of the cut pieces.  Untouched by a human until the lumber hits the table.   ( A saw feed rate of 18 pieces per minute will take 8.3 minutes to cut 150 pieces = 1,080 pieces per hour = 7,560 pieces in a 7 hour shift)

Enventek Lumber PickLine

Organize your lumber in your yard and eliminate excessive forklift travel and maintenance.  True in-line production for a truss plant can only be achieved by building truss-by-truss.  The Lumber Pickline allows you to pick your lumber by truss for any type of saw - component saws, linear saws and pullsaws.  (just 5 seconds per piece equals 5,040 pieces in 7 hours)

Passive Lean Works 24/7

by implementing

Process Organization Technology by Enventek

LimTek Solutions