LimTek can help you organize your truss fabrication process to maximize your investment in automation and your good people.

Whether it is an existing truss facility, a plant expansion or a new truss plant, LimTek will organize the process for you utilizing Enventek Organization Technology, SL-Laser Truss Templating and Square 1 Design/Klaisler Machinery as needed.


We organize the process and you get to manage the process.   Learn more ยป

"LimTek, Enventek and SL-Laser have saved us time...and time is money!  We've installed their projector systems on our gantry, c-clamp table and jack table and have seen some of our best production numbers to date.  Our designers are saving literally hours every day on jobs prepared for the shop - the bigger the job the more time we save.  There are always challenges integrating new technology with existing equipment but LimTek's process organization support is exceptional and they are THE trailblazers in truss plant process organization."
โ€“ Dan Ollerenshaw, Ontario Truss & Wall (OTW), Foxboro, ON

Would you like to squeeze out more truss production from your current facility and deliver quality trusses consistently with shorter lead times than your competitors?

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